“Providing Solutions for Building Communities”

PROBLEMS ARE SOLVABLE. But first they must be properly identified and brought to the attention of the appropriate resources, as sometimes problems and resources are hidden from each other. The right combination of resources has to be brought together. There must be knowledge and skills to effectively match those who can help with those who need help.

Through a series of dynamic workshops you will learn the proven techniques and skills needed to bring communities, groups, and individuals together to solve problems. Learn the essentials of teamwork and effective outreach.

WHO ARE THESE WORKSHOPS FOR? Anyone who is interested in bettering their community: individuals, schools, churches, neighborhood groups, service organizations, government, as well as those in the business and corporate sectors.


Operation WINN–We’re Involved Neighbors Now

When do we need to get involved? Now! Operation WINN is a strategic system for identifying neighbors and building bridges between neighborhoods leading to the development of true “community.”

One Square Mile

Once the Operation WINN plan has been enacted the next step is the One Square Plan for reaching the “Jerusalem” of the church. The strategic plan of “One Square Mile” brings renewed energy to your church and the neighborhoods you are reaching.  You will learn a step by step process for reaching your “one square mile or miles” one neighbor at a time.

LAMP Training–Leading and Mobilizing

People turn on the LAMP in your organization! Intentional methods and systems aimed at changing the old “20% do 80% of the work” model.

Dragon Power

We have all been paralyzed by “dragons” who have kept us from achieving our potential, reaching for the gusto, or realizing our dreams. Now you can learn how to transform the “dragons” in your life.

Leadership Development Series for team building and empowerment:

1. PLT Positive Leadership Training 

To lead a team, you need to select the right people, and then provide the environment to empower them to succeed. PLT is the model to make changes for growth today. You must know the basics to grow…PLT lays that foundation.

2. TCB Take Care of Business

It is said that people are the most important asset of any organization WRONG. It is the RIGHT people who are the most important. TCB shows how to pick, grow, and build a successful team.

3. SWOT Team Training

Learn how to lead a team through an exercise of identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats your organization faces. More importantly, it teaches how to get your organization into the action             stage and out of the just-talking-about-it mode.

Hand Grenades and Roses

Violence in the workplace is a reality in today’s environment. HGR helps you develop strategies and action plans to prevent, react, or recover from such even from such events.