Programs and Processes


Community of Faith operates with a number of strategies in order to serve the community. We establish “partnerships” with individuals and churches we serve. In partnerships both parties contribute to the whole for the relationship to be successful. Partnerships lead to wholeness of persons and organizations.

Immediate Relief – Life Now

This is assistance that is of an immediate nature, usually involving food or other material needs of individuals and or families. There may also be needs for emergency housing or medical assistance; these are addressed via a network of referrals to various agencies.


This strategy is to coach with people to develop a cooperative plan where we help them as they establish their life goals and objectives leading to Self-sufficiency. We encourage implementing an action plan. The partners’ actions are monitored and mentored with coaches from CoF and mentors connected, where possible, from their church.

 Development – One Square Mile

We fervently believe that involved Christian churches represents the solution for the problems in our communities.  Community of Faith works with partnering churches to establish an active presence in the churches immediate neighborhoods and communities.  This action based process by life giving churches changes the climate in the community One Square Mile at a time.

Sugar Plum 

When people are challenged with life circumstances often children’s birthday celebrations are curtailed.  Sugar Plum provides partners “Parties in a Bag” and presents to parents so that they may celebrate their child’s birthdays.

James 2:18  

But someone will say, “You have faith, and I have works.”  “Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.”