We Have – WE Need

We Have and We Need

Community of Faith gleans things, “stuff” from our contacts in the community at large so that we may help individuals, families, churches and other faith based organizations.

On some occasions we are overwhelmed with things like 86,000 bananas, 1000 ice cream bars or thousands of pounds of potatoes or just about anything you can imagine with trucks breakdown or stores are over stocked.  Other times we have items like sets of dishes, and other household items.

WE get stuff and want to share it with folks who are in need.  Our approach is to partner with people and have a system of helping people help themselves with a hand up not hand out approach.  You may contact us and learn how it works when you see items you or your organization can use.  We will list items on this page and on our Facebook site or other social media.  You will find items we have listed under WE HAVE. 

We Have

Clothes                                                        Books

Housewares                                                Miscellaneous office supplies



Additionally we from time to time have items we need so that we may help others.  As a gleaning process our Holy Scroungers are always looking.  We will post under WE NEED title on this page

We Need

Volunteers                                                                                                                                  Men’s Winter Coats

2x and 3x clothes                                                                                                                      Sleeping Bags

Can fruit and soup    Ramen Noodles                                                                                                                Backpacks for adults

Mops and brooms