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Connecting at Community of Faith is easy.

Learn about the different areas you can connect with Community of Faith either through time, talents or donations. We are thankful to have you connect with us.



Volunteers Needed

If you are inclined to be helping hands for Christ we would like to extend an invitation to volunteer at Community of Faith.   The serving hands and feet of Christ are seen no more prevalent than behind our doors. .  It is important that volunteers are serving in areas which they are comfortable with and that they are in areas consistent with gifting and talents.  We encourage all volunteers to try different areas of interest.

We encourage potential volunteers to tour the facility and talk with the staff about Community of Faith’s mission.  Whether you are new or have volunteered for us in the past, we are asking that everyone complete an application form so that we can get your record up-to-date. Volunteers typically will be able to donate their time in 4 hours each shifts.

We do cater to groups that may be looking for special projects as part of a study group or organization that desires to complete a community project. We work with those groups and design projects like packaging items for missions outreach events.

Click here to see the volunteer opportunities:

Financial Donations

As a nonprofit, donations are vital to the success of Community of Faith and go to advance our programs, resources and upgrade technologies. You can make a secure tax-deductible donation to Community of Faith.

We have a few ways you can help us financially. You can click here to donate securely and easily online.

Or if you would rather make a donation through the mail, you may send it to:

9460 Federal Boulevard

Federal Heights, CO 80260


We at Community of Faith are very thankful for the food and clothing donations that we receive. Please check with us during our open hours or call 303-452-2727  or e mail

One Plus One

Some of our church partners have joined with Community of Faith by hosting periodic food and clothing events. One that is popular is a 1 + 1 event each month.  Members of the congregations are encouraged to bring One Dollar and One Can of food to church on a predetermined Sunday each month then they deliver the items to COF on the following week.

Business Support

There are a number of businesses that support COF by donating a percentage of their revenue to COF from the sale of specific products that their companies sell.  You will find links to these companies and products listed on our Partners pages.   


If you are interested in sponsoring a fundraising activity for Community of Faith, please contact Tom Smedley at 303-667-0443 or email him at so that we may assist you in maintaining the mission of our program.