Community of Faith Team

Board of Directors:

Julie Mildenberger – President

Dawn Morris – Vice President 

Carlton Hargett – Treasurer

Rebecca Loose, Secretary

Nina Korsen, Pastor

Justin McDonald, Phd.

Hank Salmans, Outreach

Managing Team


 Hank Salmans, Acting Executive Director

Hank Salmans is the founder of WINN Ministries (Working in Neighborhoods Now), where he developed One Square Mile, an intentional system connecting diverse elements of a community in conjunction with neighborhood churches. The concept has served as a model for community action in the United States and abroad. He currently is serving as Acting Executive Director of Community of Faith and is responsible for Church and Community outreach development.

Hank is the author two books, Pray 15, a study encouraging men and Dragon Power, a book about overcoming your fears. In the spring of 2017 his new book One Square Mile: making a difference in your community will be released.

Hank is also a partner in a coffee company, Warrior-Brew Coffee that is used to help raise funds for military families, churches and nonprofits.

Hank draws on his expertise as a former police chief, business consultant, trainer, and community outreach coordinator he teaches dynamic and mind-expanding workshops. As a speaker and consultant, Hank inspires and motivates with his unique approach to community-building and problem-solving. Hank is a member of Highline Community Church in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

E Mail:


Della Crump –  Operations Director

Della is the number one go to person on the team. Della leads the Needs Assistance/Sugar Plum Programs, as well as assisting in the incoming/outgoing donations at Community of Faith which plays a big role in the One Square Mile Program and the Resale Shop.

Della also comes from a career as a law enforcement officer, 1981-2016, which includes a vast experience working in Grief and Trauma, Emotional Care and Mental Health and was in a position of Supervisor for 15 years. She recently retired and believes God planned her retirement which has opened the door for her to become involved with Community of Faith.

Della is an active member of Victory Church, Westminster, Co

You can reach her at


Mike Hartman – Facility and Warehouse Director

Mike is “Mr. Versatile”!  If it is broken, needs moved, needs figured out, needs sorted, categorize, labeled or weighed into or our of inventory Mike is the guy!  Mike comes to Community of Faith from the data technology industry.  He leads a team of incredible volunteers who sort, label and and prepare “stuff” we glean for supporting individuals, families and churches with goods to help them.  He even understands software most of the time.


Eva “Graz” Graziano- Communications Director