About Us

Community of Faith is

*about helping people in need. Some are in need of food and clothes; others are looking for housing or jobs.  Most people through the doors suffer from broken relationships.
*a nonprofit who partners with people in need as well as partners with churches to reach people in their respective communities.


Community of Faith Vision

The Vision for Community of Faith is to help churches help people by creating partnerships, equipping people, and transforming lives. The Mission (means for achieving the vision) is divided into four parts:

  1. Provide a storehouse distribution center to help people with the immediate needs for food and clothing. Partner with people, connecting them with a network of helping organizations, while coaching them to become self-sufficient and encourage their spiritual walk. (see Programs)
  2.  Partner with Christian Churches to help individuals and families from their communities in a process that leads to self-sufficiency.
  3. Build a network of churches and like-minded organizations to unite together to more effectively reach people in their respective communities.
  4. Provide consulting, teaching and/or training to church partners in areas related to reaching their respective communities and assist with their missions projects.